Change of pace for today.

Cause after all, it’s Friday.

So, I came across this story ’10 survival myths that might get you killed’.

These are my faves:

Myth: Always play dead when you are attacked by a bear

That just seems obvious doesn’t it?

Myth: You need to find a food supply immediately if you are lost in the wilderness

Surely you know that water is more important than food.

That’s why some people fast after all.

They’re still hydrating throughout the fast (except in Ramadan you’re a muslim)

Myth: If a shark attacks you, punch it in the nose

Well, not unless your name is Mick Fanning.

I’m still not chancing my luck though.

Myth: If an animal eats something, it’s safe for you to eat it

Let’s be honest, there’s plenty of things I’ve seen animals eat that I’m not going anywhere near.

Anyways, all these myths just remind me of all of the fitness myths that are still out there these days.

Some of the best ones are that cardio is still the best way to lose those stubborn kilos.

Maybe in the old days.

But as you probably know, the best way is through some type of resistance training.

My favourite type is doing bodyweight exercises.

You should also incorporate some type of interval style training like I specialise in at DPM.

Another good one is you have to go carb free to lose any inches.

Yeah, you can, but there’s also a more sustainable way.

Funnily enough – the DPM way.

And yes, you can make some pretty cool progress even with the silly season amongst us.

Don’t forget if you need some extra action to tide you through this time of year you could do a lot worse than grab a copy of my book for only $20.




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