I’ve seen plenty in my 18 years in the fitness industry.

Some of those things have been pretty cool.

Some have been VERY ordinary.

And some of what I’m going to share with you today go even further than the very ordinary category.

They go straight down into the downright dangerous category.

These are just some of the detox diets that are out there that I’ve heard about over the years

* Banana detox: yep, eating nothing but bananas.

Now, I love bananas, but eating nothing but them? No thanks.

* Juice detox: This one isn’t as dangerous as some of the ones I’ve heard of over the years, but I don’t recommend you have every meal as a juice.

Sure, you might get some vitamins from whatever your juicing, but you’re losing your fibre.

And you’re also not getting any protein in.

Not the worst, but definitely not the best

* The good ole lemon detox diet: remember that one from the early 2000’s? 

Nothing but lemon syrup. Yep what could go wrong?

* Meal replacement detoxes: Some of these are definitely not the worst option, as they only substitute one meal.

But when that’s all you’re having, and you’re not eating normal food, well once again, that’s not safe or sustainable.

Cause guess what happens as soon as you start eating food again? 

Yep, you’ll put on weight.

* Laxative detox: Just that name alone should be a give-away that you don’t want anything to do with this.

I cannot understand how some of these have gained popularity over the years.

Like I mentioned, some of those above, while I don’t recommend them, definitely aren’t as bad as the others.

But when it comes to detoxing you have to ask yourself two questions:

1) Is this actually safe?

2) Is it sustainable?

The first one should be pretty obvious when you hear about something that might grab your interest.

The second one is also worth noting,

Cause you want it to be something you can keep up on a regular basis without too much inconvenience or restrictions.

And that’s why DPMers find my 3 Day Detox Diet so effective.

Because it answers yes to those two questions above.

To be honest, I’ve debated whether to change the name of it cause that word detox.

It can be branding it with some very ordinary competitors.

But the reason I originally went with that is because for three days all I’m asking you to do is ‘detox’ from processed carbs.

Give your body a break from them.

Then have a carb hit on day four.

This works well and is easy to follow.

For three days you eat your protein sources and your fruits and vegetables. 

No syrups or pills needed.

And it’s easy to replicate when you eat out. 

Your protein choice – be that steak or fish or whatever and a side of veggies or salad.

Kinda simple right?

But very effective.

Maybe down the track I might change that name, I’m not sold either way yet.

But for now, we’ll keep it.

Mainly cause I’ve got enough other things on my plate.

If you’d like to find out more about this type of food plan that DPMers have access to let me know. We can chat about what type of training plan would work for you leading into the back end of the year.

And if you’re a DPMer who needs a refresher, let me know and I’ll hook one up for you.