Got something to share with you today that I think you’ll appreciate.

I heard it on a podcast last week and the saying really hit home for me.

Don’t miss twice.

Basically, everyone is going to have a day where they can’t be arsed.

Today might be that for you considering it’s a Monday and all.

That’s cool. It is what it is.

Like I said, we all have them.

I’ve missed workouts just like you have.

The important thing is though to not miss the second one.

You missed your alarm today?

Don’t miss tomorrow (or whenever your next workout is supposed to be scheduled).

One day can happen.

Same goes for your eating.

Big weekend that was a bit of a blowout?

It happens.

You have birthdays and functions etc that sometime mean you indulge more than normal.

Just don’t miss twice.

Next weekend you can get back to the same old game plan where you have just a little bit of excess rather than over the top.

Make sense?

The cool thing about this approach is it stops you from beating yourself up when these inevitable slip ups happen.

Dust it off and pick up from normal again the next day.

Way better than someone who keeps missing day after day, gets down on themselves for doing that and then never does anything about changing it because they’re either embarrassed to admit that they stuffed up or because they feel like they let someone else down.

Here’s the tip: You’re only letting yourself down if you continue to not show up.

Hope that helps.


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