On Fridays I generally like to give you something a little light hearted to finish the week.

Sometimes it’s a story I came across that gave me a laugh. 

Sometimes it’s something that made me shake my head that I want you to avoid.

And sometimes it’s a product that I use and benefit from, and I figure that you may well too 

(besides passing on a bit of a plug for another small business is a small pay it forward act I can do that doesn’t cost anything right?)

But today I want to get serious for minute and give you something that you can hopefully find useful.

I know that not everyone can obviously train in person with me, even if you’d like to.

My schedule and yours don’t always align with work and kids and all that.
I get that.

But I know that a lot of you like to get in a home workout (even if you can still train with me).

I know I do.

Thats how I get my workouts in these days for the most part (when I’m not outside doing some walking recovery workouts like I mentioned on Wednesday).

Anyways, for those who do like a bit of home action, I wanted to share with you these 5 mistakes that most people make today.

Make sure you’re not doing these:

1. Working the same body part every time

– Too many people who train at home just do the old push up and sit ups combo every time. Apart from being boring, you’re more prone to overuse injuries especially now we’re not getting any younger.

The other negative here is you’re setting yourself up for muscle imbalances – eg doing push ups all the time and not getting enough back training (which we need most anyways).

2. Doing the same routine for too long

– Even the best workout ever (if there is such a thing) needs to be changed after it’s reached it’s shelf life. 

Why? To keep you progressing and to avoid that dreaded plateau but also to keep you mentally into the exercise game plan. 

Cause if you’re bored of the same workout over and over again, you’ll just give yourself reason after reason to avoid it.

My tip is to change it up every 4-6 weeks.

3. Not having a plan

– Some people fall into the habit of just doing whatever. 

Your workout needs a structure of some sorts. You need to be ensuring you’re hitting pretty much every muscle multiple times every single workout (unless you’re obviously avoiding a muscle group due to injury etc).

4. Not stretching at the end

– Yes it can be a pain in the arse, especially when we’re already short on time and trying to squeeze it in around the kids and everything else going on in your life, 

but if you don’t take at least a couple of minutes to stretch, you’re setting your body up for increased post workout soreness in the following days, plus increasing your risk of exposure for injury.  

Some simple foam rolling or a quick static stretch for the major muscles you’ve just worked can work wonders.

And if you have young kids like me, I know my 19 month year old thinks it’s funny to jump on my back and play ‘horsies’ when I’m rolling out my legs.

She also likes to get ‘her roller’ and roll with me.

Guess it’s better then her copying some of my other habits…

5. The biggest mistake is people not actually doing a workout

– Because they think they don’t have enough time to get one in. 

They think the only way to make a workout count is to train for an hour or so. Time that we both don’t always have available. I know I don’t and that’s my job to be fit, so I can understand you not having it.

But what they fail to understand, is that even a short 5-6 minute workout can be effective if you do the right type of exercises (ie ones that hit every single muscle and ideally more than once).\You’ll find plenty of examples of workouts for you to follow just like this on my blog.

If you click here, it’ll take you to all the home workout options you can try for yourself.

And if you need help getting that game plan together, just hit reply and I’d love to be able to answer any questions you may have.

If you do, let me know which one/s were your favourites.

So what have you got to lose?

I’ve just given you the 5 biggest mistakes you know to avoid, now all you have to do is to stay away from these things as part of your game plan. 


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