Just wanted to remind you of something I mentioned a few weeks ago now.

That little thing about introducing a friend to Team DPM, and your extra incentive for doing so.

If your memory is a bit foggy, it is Friday after all, or you missed it, here’s the deal:

Simply introduce a friend to Team DPM, and not only will I give them 2 weeks on the house to check it out for themselves and be certain that they’re in the right place…

I’ll also shout you and them a $200 gift voucher EACH to any restaurant of your choice.

So maybe you’ve had a bucket list restaurant on your list to cross of that would normally be out of reach financially.

Well, I’ll cough up the first $200 of your tab to make it easier to swallow.

Remember, both you and your friend get a voucher each as soon as they’ve been a part of Team DPM for 6 months.

And of course, if you’re already a part of DPM you get your next month on the house as a thank you via a rebate credit to your account.

Too easy right?

Check through your phone contacts, your work friends who aren’t a punish to be around, your facebook friends (you could even put a post out on it) or even your linked in contacts.

Thats your best bet.

So who can you invite along?

Tell them to have 2 weeks on the house to check out any session.

Here’s what’s currently happening on the DPM timetable right now incase they’re asking:

* Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday at Leichhardt Oval Number 3 in Lilyfield 5:40-6:40am

* Tues/Thurs at Observatory Hill 7:15-7:45am

* Wed morning at Observatory Hill 7-7:30am

* Wednesday Lunch Break 1:15-1:45pm at Dawes Point under the Harbour Bridge

* Saturday at Observatory Hill 8-9am

Just hit reply and let me know their name and an email if you know anyone who wants to take advantage of this.

Or just get them to email me if you’re forwarding this onto them.

I appreciate you passing this onto anyone who it may benefit, cause after all, it’ll benefit you both when you get a sweet little $200 dinner gift voucher in only 6 short months!




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