Now the kids sport has been given the green light to start training again now, 

and resuming play in July there’s something that’s worth mentioning to you today.

The same info can also be applied to you if you have either had any time off training lately or if you are going back to have a run around on the weekend.

Now this should be obvious, but I’ll state it anyways:

Your current training load may not be your normal training load.

That just means the body more than likely won’t be able to be pushed as far as it could before the lockdown stopped everything.

So if you, or your kids, are finally getting back into things, remember that.

They’re going to have to ease back in slowly.

Which can be hard when your mind wants to go harder than what your body can physically do right now.

But it saves you, or your kids, getting injured because you pushed too hard too soon.

And of course make sure you that you’re covering the proper stretching and foam rolling before and after training and games to reduce your risk of injury.

It’s going to take some time to get the fitness back to what it was – match fitness included – and that’s why this message is important to pass onto them.


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