One of the guilty pleasures for all of us I reckon is good old people watching.

Would you agree?

Whether I’m sitting at a cafe or waiting for a session to start I don’t mind a bit of the old checking out what others are doing thing.

And there’s a funny thing you realise.

We’re pretty much all creatures of habit.

I know I usually sit in the same spot when I go for my usual morning coffee.

However there is one old habit when it comes to exercise that needs to die a fast death.

The old time for a warm up now go run a lap or two around the park.

How many times do you see that?

Sure, that worked back in the day when I played footy.

But that was 17 years ago.

That was a long time ago my friend.

Times change.

Just like the last thing I want to be doing these days is running in to a bunch of blokes twice my size,

the last thing I want to be doing before doing a workout,

and the last thing I want you to be doing before yours,

is to go for a run around the field to warm up.

Unfortunately, I still see stuff like that all the time.

It’s outdated.

But it’s also lazy.

It just shows that whoever is running the workout hasn’t planned.

Is there a better way?

Of course.

What I like to do, and what we do at Team DPM,

is start with movements that you’re going to be doing  during your workout or ones similar.

It may also even involve a bit of foam rolling to help loosen up the tight muscles (during our longer sessions).

But it definitely doesn’t need to be a run.

That’s when you know I’ve given up on the world if that day ever comes.

So for you, even if you’re not a part of what we do,

I’d strongly encourage you to implement that type of warm up into your routine if you’re currently doing something.

And if you’re not?

Or if you’re not happy with where things are sitting right now with what you are doing?

Maybe looking for a way out without having to commit endless hours of time that you don’t have?

Basically, just something that will help you find a way to finally lose those stubborn kilos that you can’t seem to shift from your tummy, or maybe a way to help those favourite old skinny jeans of yours slide back over your thighs again?

Then maybe you should be seriously considering joining us for a free 2 weeks test drive at our DPM small group sessions.

Interested in finding out more?

Hit reply and let me know your situation and what you’re looking for.


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