To be honest, I should have made note of this a few weeks ago, back when this whole lockdown thing started.

Especially with the fact that more people than ever have taken up the home workout option.

That obviously is a great thing.

And while this point won’t be breaking news for DPMers – they’ll be well aware of this, but for someone else reading this, I apologise for not mentioning it again sooner.

Don’t do sit ups or crunches as part of your home workout routine.

There’s a couple of reasons.

1. They are bad for your lower back. That’s the most important reason.
Think about this. Every single time you do a sit up you are compressing your spine.

Placing more strain on your lower back.

Add that to the fact that you are more than likely working from home in a situation that isn’t ideal.

Be that working on a laptop on your kitchen table or a chair that isn’t set up properly on a desk that isn’t at the right position.

Meaning that you are placing more strain on your lower back and your neck.

And what happens when we sit for extended periods? You compress your spine.

So that’s a bad recipe.

2. The second reason, there are plenty more options that are not only more effective for targeting your abs – and a few other muscles in the process.

But the big thing is they’re not placing added strain on your lower back that’s already copping a pounding.

Now, you might argue that athlete XYZ does sit ups and look at them – they’re ripped. I’ll give you that. But they don’t spend all day sitting at a desk. 

And chances are you have 20 odd years on them too to be blunt.

So don’t do sit ups and crunches.

What should you do?

Here’s 5 options that are better that we always do at DPM (with the videos included):

  1. Side to Side Hover

2. Hover Knee Drives

3. 1 Arm Hover Holds or Extensions

4. Alternating Toe Touches

5. Hand Walks

These don’t even scratch the surface. There’s dozens more variations that we do.

Like I said, this news isn’t new to DPMers, but it doesn’t hurt to reinforce this for someone else who is just come across the DPM game plan.
And to also reinforce for those who have been around for a while, why we don’t do them.

Train smart to avoid lower back pain – especially now!


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