Time to throw another home workout your way.

And once again, like the one I put out a few weeks ago, I’ll give you three options.

So if you’re short on time – go the 1 round through, 10 minute option.

2 sets gives you 20 minutes of action.

3 sets if you have the time gives you 30 minutes obviously.

Now, this can be done with just shadow boxing or if you have a boxing bag at home, feel free to knock it out with that too.

You’ll need a timer set to 45 seconds work and 15 seconds of rest.

Obviously I recommend you take a couple of minutes at the start to warm your body up – do some shadow boxing action – 20 punches at the chest with 5 Waiters Bows and put that on repeat for 5 sets.

That should cover you there.

And now here’s the deal:

1. Left Jabs at chest height

2. Right Jabs at chest height

3. Left-Right fast punches @ chest height

4. Doubles @ chest height

5. Left-Left-Right combo

6. Right-Right-Left combo

7. Left-Right-pause power 

8. Right-Left-pause power

9. Left-Right-Left power

10. Right-Left-Right-power

That’s it.

Remember take the 15 seconds of rest between each new round.

Like I said, you’ve got three options – 1 set, 2 sets or 3 sets depending on how much time you have available.

Let me know how it went if you give it a go.