Came across this very interesting research that was featured in the British Journal of Sports Medicine and it raises a point that I want to test on you.

A study of over 1 million Swedish males aged 16-19 that were on the military conscription registry found that the lower their overall fitness and muscular strength scores during these ages, the higher their chance of being on the disability pension later in their lives.

Now this study was conducted from 1969-1994 so giving them enough time to gauge their findings, and enough of a number of people to see whether the results stack up.

Sure, there’s an obvious flaw – being it was males only, but I still think it raises a very interesting point.

The more active you are as a kid, the less likely your chances of being unhealthy later in life.

So now back to my question for you.

How does that study, and it’s findings stack up for you back in the day and where you’re at now?

Would you agree with the findings?

Or are you one of the people on the other end of the scale – someone who didn’t really do much activity or sport when they were younger, but now exercise and train?

For me, as a kid I was pretty active as you can probably imagine.

I lived for playing my footy on the weekend, and kicked a ball around by myself when I wasn’t playing with the kids across the road every afternoon.

And in the summer we always had our cricket ‘test’ matches in the front yard.

So I guess you can say it has transferred across to my later life and what I do now in a way.

Basically the main recommendation out of this study (which you can find here) was that every kid (in all BMI categories) should be doing some form of physical fitness and strength exercise.

Common sense yes, but it’s always good to see this stuff reinforced in as many ways possible.

Cause I know as a parent that I definitely don’t want to be setting my kids up for potential health problems down the track and I’ll continue to encourage them to be active and hopefully as they get older they’ll get more involved in sports and ‘copying’ me when I’m doing my workouts at home.




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