Kinda fitting subject today considering we’re coming to the end of July.

Did you do Dry July?

Yeah, me neither.

Well, I did have a planned 2 weeks off last month just to break the cycle as I shared previously but not this month.

Will do it again soon though I think.

But this is an age old question that is always asked from the DPMers over the years.

Funny side story though before I give you the answer.

Did you see the story earlier this month how the UK RSPCA was inundated with calls about seagulls acting drunk and vomiting everywhere?

No, I’m not making this up. Google it if you don’t believe me!

But apparently some were too drunk to fly straight and flew straight into people and vomited all over them and of course smelt like beer.

The thought is they were drinking left over beers that were left on outdoor tables from people enjoying the warmer UK weather.

Kinda funny if you ask me, but that just might be my juvenile mind.

And it reminds me of plenty of nights out from the late 90’s where i couldn’t walk straight and was probably lucky not to vomit over everybody.

Some of my mates will testify that it happened into this century too…

But back to my original point about whether you have to stop drinking to lose weight.

There’s a short answer and a longer one.

The short answer is:


But the more explained version is you can. If you want.

But you don’t have to if you follow the DPM plan.

You see, we allow people to have drinks each week.

Sure, you can get better results if you give it up but it’s not worth it if you see it as your sanity saver.

But it’s not compulsory. If you enjoy a couple to unwind after a big week and when the kids are in bed then go for it.

Or maybe, like me, you enjoy washing a nice meal down with a good red.

The end result is it won’t kill your results.

So long as you count it as part of your cheat allocation and so long as it’s not a nightly thing.

Good news right?

Although, you probably figured that’d be the answer by now at DPM.


PS – if you’re curious about how the DPM plan can work for you, without having to give up wine, let me know and I can let you know what’s available right now on the timetable.

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