We all know the old saying ‘variety is the spice of life’.

And today I’m here to not only agree with that, but to also show how it can be beneficial to your fitness regime.

Actually not just your fitness regime, your whole daily regime.

Yesterday I had a bit of a break between sessions so I had in my head to do something different and head down for a walk that I hadn’t done in years – the Bondi to Bronte walk.

There was a stage back in the day when I used to do it every few months in between my afternoon groups and I really enjoyed it.

But I haven’t been there since.

And I’m not going back on a weekend that’s for sure – the crowds would be a punish.

But yesterday morning was great.

Got a great walk in with some great costal views (I do love just looking at the ocean and smelling the fresh water).

Then the night before I thought I’d pack the boardies for a cool down swim after the walk – which I’m glad I did cause it was so refreshing.

The water was crystal clear. and even though I was only in there for 5 mins or whatever it felt great.

A great way to cool down but also good for the brain.

It freshened me up after the walk and it freshened me mentally cause it was a break from the norm.

So my challenge for you today as we head into the weekend is to do something different sometime over the next week.

You’ll have to plan it in cause we’re all obviously busy.

And yes, I could’ve been doing something more productive work wise.

But it felt good and you can even argue it made me more productive after the fact.

So give it a go.

While I’m on the topic of doing something different, maybe it’d be worth your time to join in our new DPM 6 Week Challenge starting Monday.

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It’ll give you a new focus, and a new challenge – which might just be exactly what you need right now to help kick your year up into another gear.

Got any questions about it? My inbox is open for you.

Otherwise I look forward to seeing you on deck with the team.



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