You may recall a couple of weeks ago I sent out a bit of a pre-half time pep talk.
Sound familiar?

If you missed it, it was basically getting in early for a half yearly talk.

Just like a coach does at half time with their team.

And seeing as now we’re officially over the half way mark of the year, I wanted to check in on you about that talk.

How did it go for you? How’s your progress going?

Personally, for me, I know I’m a bit behind on where I wanted to be so I’ve got work to do on that front.

So don’t think I’m preaching from my high horse.

I’m down on the ground working away too.

And if you’re a bit behind yourself on where you hoped you’d find yourself right now, I’m offering you an olive branch.

How about a do over?


Start again.

Doesn’t matter whether you’d told yourself that you’d get in more workouts each week, lose some weight or just start doing something, it doesn’t matter.

That first half of the year is done and dusted.

We can’t undo it.

But we can get a do over and start again.

And you know what the best thing about a do over like this is?

We’re slashing the time frame to get something done.

Just like you may have done at uni when you stayed up all night cramming for a test or to get an essay done by deadline.

Cause back in those days we couldn’t just email it in or upload it online!

And while actually getting results despite slashing the time frame to achieve that thing you promised yourself you’d do at the start of the year sounds a bit silly it is a good thing.


Cause you don’t have any more time to stuff around with.

We have to start now.

Just like that essay. 

We’ve put it off for long enough.

We’ve got to put something into action – even if it’s only a small step to start.

You in?

If yes, let me know what you’re going to do and I’ll put a note in my diary to check in with you in a month and see how you’re travelling.


I’ll keep you accountable. So if you need some extra motivation then make the most of this no strings attached offer.

I’ll simply check in with you and ask if you’ve done what you said you would do.

Once again, I’ll ask – you in for the do over?