How many times have you sent your kids off to time out?

It gives them a chance to pull their head in and at the save time save your sanity from banging your head against a wall for the umpteenth time.

But have you ever considered giving yourself a time out every now and then?

This article recently featured in the Wall Street Journal mentions how we should be focusing on more of it as it can help your productivity in the long run.

Even just simple things like staring out the window when the kettle boils instead of looking at the phone can help to give our brain an important mental break.

It’s hard to actually sit down and follow through with that, cause as you and I both know, there’s always a hundred things to do and not enough time to do them in, so it makes sense in the short term at least to answer an email or two while the kettle boils.

But maybe we need to embrace this idea.

“Even brief timeouts help the brain reinforce long-term learning and productivity. You come out of downtime able to learn more, and can access that learning faster”.

The article suggests using the shower as the perfect time to do this.

Obviously we can’t have the phone in there.

Take a bit longer in there too if you can and just let your mind unwind.

It’s a bit more socially acceptable to do that now too with the dams being overflowing so we don’t have to penny pinch with the water consumption.

Or maybe for you it might be a walk without thinking about work or anything else.

I use that as my podcast listening time, but if you can swing it, just listen to the sounds of nature.

Or maybe your cup of tea is cooking – take time to focus on that.

Whatever your thing is, my tip for this week is to try and focus on slowing your brain down when you can and give yourself a bit of a time out.

It can only benefit you in the long run and hopefully save you from burning yourself out.


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