You may not even have noticed, but I didn’t send out a message yesterday.

I’m under no illusions that people wouldn’t have been able to get through the day without my input, and most people probably wouldn’t have even known anything different.

There’s a couple of reasons why I didn’t send one.

The first one being that on Friday when I usually write both emails for Monday and Tuesday I didn’t make time for both.

My idea was to do it when I first got home.

But when it was between the choice of my 2.5 year old who asked me to play with her, or write one of these, it wasn’t a hard choice.

No offence to you, but I think you can agree, it wasn’t a hard decision.

This one I got done later that afternoon.

The other reason, and the one that might be what you need to hear right now, is that sometimes you need a break.

So while I always want to encourage you to train, and get up early to actually make a session, sometimes your body actually needs a rest.

And it’s in your best interest to listen to it.


Cause it can usually be a warning sign to slow down before you do yourself an injury.

Now the big difference is you have to be in tune enough with your body to actually be able to tell the difference between when you can’t be arsed because you’re lazy and when your body actually needs a rest cause you’re overworked and run down.

It’s a hard decision.

Cause sometimes a workout can be the best thing for you in those situations.

But be careful of the warning signs.

Are things starting to feel a bit niggly? Then maybe ease up.

Have a rest day or two and you can bounce back better.

And you will probably feel the benefit out of that break.

So have a look into what your body is telling you. and be sure to cop the tip.


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