Take a deep breath cause I’m about to blow your mind.

Free will is an illusion.

Sounds like a t-shirt slogan of some young hipster right?

Regardless, it’s pretty deep.

And it’s regarding something that was published in the Journal of Neuroscience (so of course it’s deep!) last month that found that we actually have less control over what we eat than we’d like to think.

Hence the free will is an illusion comment.

They seem to think that it’s your brain structure that decides whether or not you’re going to stick to a diet or food plan and not necessarily all down to your will power, or lack thereof, to make better food choices.

Interesting thought wouldn’t you agree?

So, let’s play along with that. 

Is it possible to change your wiring in your chemical make up to gradually have you start making better choices?

Common sense would lead me to think of course.

Just like you train your muscles to get better at push ups or squats or whatever.

Think back to when you first started doing them and the chances are your form was pretty ordinary. It took you a few goes to master the technique.

Maybe you’re still mastering them.

But it’s a work in progress.

So who’s to say the muscle that is our most important one – the brain, can’t be trained that same way?

Through gradually adapting your choices and behaviours, just like you gradually start adding exercise into your routine when you first start training, you can start making the changes you need.

And a leading brain specialist, Dr Helena Popovic, backs up that opinion “We’ve discovered the brain behaves like a muscle, and we can build up different areas by training them”.

So what’s the best way to do this – apart from practice like I mentioned before?

A good nights sleep and exercise.

I can’t help you with the sleep, especially if your kids wake at night,

but I can definitely help with the exercise factor.

Just ask me how.


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