If you’re the type of person who thrives on deadlines, then today’s message is for you. 

Cause it’s the very last day you can get the heavily discounted zoom only membership. 

As you may well have read over the last couple of weeks, I’ve decided that 2021 is going to be the year that I double down on the zoom side of DPM. 

Meaning that it’s the perfect opportunity for you if you were once a regular DPMer but for one reason or another you’ve had to throw it in. 

Cause you don’t have to actually join us in person, you can do it from your lounge room in your pj’s if that’s your thing. 

Like I’ve been saying, I’m offering the same deal that I did to the DPMers when we started with the zoom thing. 

I didn’t really know how to price it at the time, so decided on a $150/mth price for unlimited group zoom ins. 

Now I realise the value of it, and am better at combining the zoom and in person together, I figure the value is exactly the same as in person cause they’re still getting the same service. 

So as of tomorrow, for anyone who wants in on zoom, the investment will be the same as the in person sessions. 

That investment if you’re wondering, is either $197/mth for 2 sessions a week or $247/mth for unlimited sessions a month. 

So if you want to save $97/mth and get unlimited DPM zoom only workouts access to any group sessions, then click the link here now. 

You’ll also get the first 2 weeks free too (just like our in person sessions) plus on your 6th month, you’ll also get your 6 month free dinner gift voucher too). 

And I’ll also send you some video links to full follow along workouts that aren’t freely available to tide you over until we’re back in action next week.

Makes a great way to start the new year right?

Enjoy your New Years Eve. I’ll be well and truly in bed by midnight.


PS – That link again? Go here now

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