Have you ever noticed how it’s always someone elses fault when things go wrong?

Kinda funny really.

Except when you’re in the heat of the moment I guess.

But the wash up from last nights Origin game makes me think exactly that today.

“it was the refs fault”

“the bunker cost us a try”

Despite all logic showing otherwise.

Sure the refs sucked.

But that’s a given isn’t it?

And there were calls were both teams got screwed.

And that Josh Morris no try was a fair call for mine.

Even though I would’ve preferred to see the try awarded, and NSW going on to win!

That wash up would’ve been interesting today to hear all the Queenslanders whinging.

Now, you may not give 2 hoots about the footy last night.

But the lesson is the same.

It’s exactly the same when someone looks for an outside reason why XYZ didn’t happen.

Maybe they didn’t lose as much weight as you would’ve liked 

– did you follow the food plan as laid out?

– could your portions be reduced further?

– could you get more sleep to ensure your body can lose the weight you want?

All valid reasons.

But harder to look in the mirror sometimes at the real reasons.

Just like NSW fans whinging.

But all is not lost, despite it being a seemingly impossible task now for the Blues to even the series.

Just like all is not lost when it comes to your stumbling blocks.

Try and find the lesson out of the situation.

Rather than shift the blame.

Look within and see if there’s an answer there.

What do you think?

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