Less than a month to Christmas can you believe.

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

I’ve got one crossed off with another couple crossed off in my head once I actually get round to getting those presents.

And I know some can be hard to buy for.

Which brings me to this suggestion if you have one of those people on your Christmas list.

Maybe they might be interested in a copy of my Short ‘N Sweet book?

As the name suggests, it’s the 20 minute home workout solution for busy parents.

And I’ll ship you a copy to your door for only $20.

(or if you need it quicker I can just give you a copy at training).

Maybe you haven’t grabbed your copy yet?

Go for it.

And if you want to buy a couple of copies, hit me up and you can have 3 for $50 saving you $10.

Remember buying directly off me is cheaper than buying on Amazon or other online book shops and having to pay their retail price plus postage on top of that.

Want to know what you’re getting?

6 months worth of workouts to follow along with.

And you also get the video demonstrations on the download page I give you access to (there’s also a pdf copy of the book there so you can get an early heads up before it arrives in the post).

I also have uploaded pdf and excel spreadsheets of each months workouts for those who want to follow along with those and keep track.

So grab one for that someone in your life who likes to keep in shape and help me get rid of the excess stock that I’ve got on hand!