There is a school of thought in some circles that cravings can indicate a lack of a particular nutrient in your diet.

For example, some believe that if you crave chocolate, it can mean you’re low in magnesium.

And if you get a urge for a nice juicy steak then you may be lacking iron or protein.

What’s your take?

Personally, for me it’s a no.

I don’t buy into it.

If I’m craving chocolate or wine or whatever I think it’s more so because I’m conditioned to having it at that particular time.

Friday night for example and you think to yourself I could really go a nice red tonight.

Because that’s what I usually do, not cause I’m lacking in some type of antioxidants or whatever.

And I came across a quote from a doctor at the UWS School of Medicine, Dr Vincent Ho, who makes my thinking seem on the money.

“Food cravings are an intense desire to consume a particular food that is quite difficult to resist; different of course from hunger, which can be satisfied by any food,”

The old Pavlog’s dogs theory in action as Dr Ho mentioned. It’s what we become conditioned to.

So when it comes to a question that I’m often asked – and that’s how to get on top of certain cravings, I usually suggest a circuit breaker.

Something needs to replace the habit that you’re trying to change. 

Especially when that habit has become ingrained over time.

If it’s reducing the number of wines each week, it might mean substituting with herbal teas at night instead.

That way you still have something in your hand.

Kinda like when people say they give up smoking they put on weight cause they need to have something in their hands to replace the cigarette.

If your thing is chocolate, maybe it’s replacing it with a 95% cocoa dark chocolate.

You shouldn’t be able to eat a lot of that cause it’s so bitter – even I can’t go more than a row (2 max) of a Lindt block compared to easily being able to demolish a Cadbury family size block of milk chocolate by myself.

Or maybe you need to cut the cord all together and bring in something totally different. It might be chewing gum or having some fresh or frozen fruit with a nice little mix on top of coconut flakes, chopped nuts and cacao nibs. Maybe even a bit of nutspread.

You just need to find something that will work for you.

What’s your go to cravings crusher?


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