How have you managed over the last couple of months with all these restrictions and social distancing?

Has it been all systems as normal for you – obviously apart from having to work from home?

Or has it been a bit of a struggle?

I get it if it has with homeschooling, working from home and the stress that comes with that.

If your last 2 months has been anything like mine, I can assume you’ve been reaching for the reds midweek just to take the edge of things at dinner time.

End result is a couple of extra corona kilos added on.

I don’t know how much I put on but I do know it must’ve been a small bit.

I remeasured my belly button on Monday morning and it was up a cm from before this started – the last time I measured.

Not surprising really when the alcohol consumption went up a little bit.

The only surprising thing was that it was only up 1cm.

Guess the extra activity and walking helped.

So how are you travelling back to my earlier question?

If you have noticed something similar, eventually you have to draw a line in the sand and start breaking the cycle.

The first week is always the hardest cause you have to break what has become the new normal.

For me, it was stopping the midweek drinking at dinner.

So far so good.

What is it for you?

What habit do you need to break?

Maybe it’s a food thing. Maybe it was like me and a wine thing.

Maybe you just need to get out from behind the laptop more and get moving more often as you might have found you aren’t doing as much incidental exercise seeing as you don’t have to walk to the bus stop or to the office.

The important thing is drawing that line in the sand.

For me it was being able to get back to do the face to face groups again.

So that made it easier to be more like ‘normal’.

I know that once you start and get in your head that you are going to step over that line in the sand that it is easy – we’ve all done it before and we know we can do it again.

But if you do need some help let me know.

We can easily put some steps into place that you can aim to cross off each week.


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