You no doubt know that I’m a bit of a fan of bodyweight workouts. 

Most of the stuff we do at DPM is bodyweight exercises.

I even wrote my first book on the topic.

(You’ve grabbed your Short ‘N Sweet bookright?)

Why do I love them?

Well you can literally do them anywhere.

You can’t use the excuse of I don’t have any equipment so can’t work out.

You do get a great workout, no matter whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced campaigner cause there are so many modifications that you can do with just the one exercise.

Take a push up for example.

You’ve got tricep or diamond push ups, incline or decline too.

And that’s not even adding in stuff like rollers or bands.

But I also don’t mind adding some little toys in to the DPM action every now and then.

These days you’ll find we mainly focus on adding in resistance tubes – not the physio type ones that are pretty light, but these ones from Perform

Better are great quality with a high resistance load.

We also add in foam rollers like I mentioned above and a more recent addition over the last couple of years have been mini bands.

And as I’ve gotten more into them with my own workouts, we’ve incorporated them more into our group and personal training action too.

I love them cause pretty much every body part can be made to work more effectively when you’re using them.

Stuff like Stick Ups which you may view as a fairly simple exercise – add in one of these and it gets harder fast.

Same for Squats – you can use them for traditional action or any of the variations like Monster Walks or Wallsits.

For the back of the legs and the butt, they’re great for hip extensions – both single leg and normal ones.

What about abs? Throw them around your ankles for some extra action when you do your scissor or sickout movements.

Slide them down further around your shoes to make your bicycles harder.

We even use them to make cardio stuff like Leg Shuffles that little bit more of a challenge too.

So many options that I’m not even scraping the surface here.
Which brings me to your workouts – and especially if you have the Short ‘N Sweet book you may be stating to find that some of the exercises need a bit more a challenge.

The best place I recommend you buy yours from are Perform Better. They have an Australian and a US office.

Google Perform Better mini bands and you’ll be taken to the best option for your country. 

I don’t get commission, I just like their product best out of the few that I’ve tried.

Best still, they’re basically $5 each plus postage. So you’re better off ordering more than just one to make it worth your while.

There you go.

If you’re looking for another way to step up your workout routine – check them out.

You may even find some in a sports store like Rebel in their workout section but I can’t vouch for their quality.

Just remember to get the small ones.

Have you got a favourite exercise variation using them?


PS – only a couple of copies left of my Short ‘N Sweet book– grab yours before they’re all gone. I won’t be reprinting straight away so get amongst it before it’s too late 

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