There was something I wrote about on here back in December 2016 that I saw the other day when I was going back through the old vault and thought it was worth sharing with you today.

For two reasons that are both cool.

The article was a plug for something that was only relatively new at the time, a website called The Kindness Factory and it mentioned how the goal was to get 1 million random acts of kindness on their website by 2020.

You can ready my post on it here from 4 years ago.

Well after checking that out I thought I’d go on their website and see how they’re doing.

And it’s kinda cool to see there’s now well over 1.5 million acts of kindness that have been logged.

So that’s the first cool reason.

The second cool reason why I thought it was worth going back for a rewind is cause 4 years ago, and starting from scratch, one million acts of kindness seemed like a far fetched random number that was not likely to be achieved right?

But it goes to show what happens when you have a really good concept and a bit of publicity and help from people in the right places (not me of course, I mean the right mentors that Kath had) that it can be achieved.

Well to be honest that goal got smashed not just achieved.

So take this message today as a simple reminder to go and check out the project for yourself and maybe use it as an inspiration to do something for someone this year who may need something more than you do.

Especially if you don’t know them.

I did my part the other week for a kid that I’ll never meet, but according to his dad he definitely appreciated it, and asked him to pay it forward to someone else this Christmas.

Now I’m asking you.

But the other take home message is don’t be afraid to set a big achievement goal – so long as you’re prepared to do the work to make it happen – it can definitely happen.

And if you need someone to make that happen for you if it happens to be health or fitness related, then you know where to find me.


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