Found a study that you might find interesting, especially so if you have kids.
And while this research may be a bit dated (2009), I’d lay money that it’s still very relevant today as it was then.

I’d partly lay money on it cause I believe it would still hold up today, but also cause there isn’t any sport on still to bet on, so it’d scratch that itch…

Seriously though, the study in simple words found that walking is a great thing for preadolescent kids to do.

Obviously, it’s good for us all to do, but the findings here showed that the kids tested better for academic achievement after they exercised.

End result means get your kids outside for a walk!

Make sense?

And who says it stops at preadolescent kids?

Once again, I’d lay money that we’d do better too at a task or problem after a bit of morning exercise.

With all of this in mind, I’ve decided to put on another Saturday morning kids workout.

Last weeks turn out was a bit smaller, but still got a couple of keen people, so we’ll run it again.

It’s a good way to get the family moving on a day when they’d more than likely be doing some form of kids sport.

I’ll see how numbers go this weekend before deciding on next week.

Hopefully see you and your family there!


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