You may be aware of the old line of thought that is usually used to absolve someone of blame about a situation:

“It’s not your fault”.

I’m guessing you’re familiar with that saying?

Well. there’s a school of thought, and a controversial one at that, that there is a big problem with the it’s not your fault thinking mentality.

Sure, it might make you, or someone, feel better in the short term.

Making them feel better that past results are a result of an outside cause.

And sometimes that is the case, I won’t deny that.

But when you stop and think about it for a minute you could argue that everything that has happened to us is our fault.

Cause we chose to go down that path.

Be that the right one or the wrong one.

It’s interesting don’t you think?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to say to a victim of assault or something worse that it is their fault, I’m more talking about blame when it is associated towards someones health and fitness journey.

And like I said something that is a bit controversial – especially when you’re asking people to stop the blame shifting and take responsibility.

The way I see things is a bit from column a and a bit from column b.

While we may have been led down the wrong garden path before, we only did that with the information that we had at that time.

So it always isn’t black and white.

But there is one thing that can be pretty straight up and down, and that’s the thing I want you to remember today:

We can only control what we do next.

So no matter what happened in your past, it’s done.

We can only control your next choices.

This next part will be your fault – for good or bad reasons.

Your choice what it is.

Hope this little bit of motivation gives you something to think about going into the weekend and next week.


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