Don’t know about you, but I’ve really gotten into listening to podcasts over the last 9 months or so.

It coincided with getting a new phone plan that had a boat load more data so I felt like checking out a couple here and there which then became more and more.

I really enjoyed the break from just listening to music on my iPod or channel surfing on the radio and found myself listing to them basically 100% of the time I’m in the car or out walking.

At latest count I now have 20 on my phone.

Sure, one or two of them are no longer updated like Serial, but i live in hope of a reboot.

But I have a conspiracy theory about these.

My theory isn’t as in depth as the 9-11 ‘truthers’ or the flat earth loonies.

Or even the whole moon landing was a fake thing.

This conspiracy theory is only a recent thing since I started listening to my podcasts at 1.5 or 2 x speed.

Depends on who it is, some just talk too fast for double speed.

So my conspiracy theory is that podcasts are actually slowed down at normal speed.

Cause I’m sure that some people don’t talk that slow.

Well, it seems really slow now since I’ve sped up my listening speed.

Now, you’re probably thinking I just wasted 2 minutes of your Monday morning reading this but hang in there.

What’s really happening is my brain has adapted to the faster speed.

So when things are slowed back down to normal speed they seem too slow.

And it reminds me of what can happen to your body once you start a new, or different, exercise routine.

You’ll initially feel like you’re a bit out of your depth.

Everything will be going by too fast.

And everything will seem like it’s on double speed.

But eventually the penny drops.

Things start becoming familiar.

You realise where your body should be feeling it, and can actually feel it.

Your body starts to get used to the feeling of moving again.

And that actually feels pretty damn cool doesn’t it?

You’ll even start to notice yourself doing more and more each session. 

Either at a greater resistance or a greater intensity.

Maybe even a more challenging variation.

Like doing push ups on your toes instead of your knees.

And if you did go back and do that first workout that you initially tried,

you wouldn’t believe how easy it was in hindsight (despite you maybe struggling through it at the time).

So the message is stay the course.

Your brain, and your body will adapt.

Actually, I do have a real conspiracy theory before I go:

– that traffic lights are planned not to sync on a road where there is a paid toll road as an alternative so you get sick of waiting in traffic which leaves you ending up going the paid route eventually.

Surely that’s not too far fetched?