CONFESSION 1: Sometimes I catch myself singing along to boyband tunes on the radio when I’m channel surfing.
Yep just quietly, been known to happen to a bit of N Sync or Backstreet Boys.
CONFESSION 2: I actually don’t mind chick flicks and shows.
In fact, I used to tape Sex & The City back in the day cause I was working nights and couldn’t miss an episode of what Carrie and the girls were up to.
And now, if Offspring starts early enough I can often get sucked into watching it instead of heading to bed when I should be.
True story.
Not exactly upping my street cred rankings am I?
But, I yam what I yam as Popeye would say.
CONFESSION 3: I’m going to blatantly sell you something today
and with no apology
Cause if you’ve ever wanted to work with me as part of Team DPM,
but for one reason or another, location, timing or getting someone to look after the kids,
whatever it is, this is for you.
Introducing The DPM 28 Day Re-Set
* Who’s it for?
– Anyone who has had a tough run of late and needs to press their own personal re-set button.
Whether that be through stress, injury, work or family pressures.
This is your chance at a do-over.
– Anyone who has either worked with DPM in the past and due to location or timing of sessions can no longer join us.
– Anyone who needs the accountability that a small group environment (that is judgement free and full of supportive participants) as well as the accountability that only someone like me can provide.
– Anyone who is struggling to lose those stubborn 3-5kg and needs a kick to accelerate it along
– Current DPMers who need something more to fine-tune you into the back end of the year.
– And I’m breaking the rules on this one. It is open to women and men – instead of the Busy Mums Transformation that I normally run.
How come? Well, this time the blokes deserve a fair go too.
In fact, you may know one who might need this as much as you do?
But the catch is, I’m only taking 10 people on board.
And if you want in, you better act FAST.
* The investment?
$99 for the complete blueprint over the 28 days.
* When do we start?
Monday September 4
BUT for the early birds who sign up this week and next you’ll get the head start on everyone else and the official start date and will be able to get cracking as soon as you register.
* How does it work?
Simple. It’s all delivered online via our private Facebook group and emails.
You’ll get a new mission each day to complete – it’s simple don’t worry.
And doing a new simple thing each day is going to be the key to helping you press that re-set button.
You in?
Click the button below and invest your $99

Click Here To Secure Your Place In The DPM 28 Day Re-Set

Give me 28 days to help you press that re-set button.
Experience the piece of mind, and the ability to finally erase the past couple of months and wipe the slate clean.
I look forward to seeing you there!
PS – not sure whether I can help you in just 28 days?
watch this short video (less than 3.5 mins) that gives the feedback from plenty of busy mums just like you who have done something similar to this before
PPS – still not convinced or got any questions? Hit reply and let me know. Otherwise I look forward to seeing you there


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