So I decided to do something for a bit of fun and run a little give-away.
Yep, it’s competition time!

What can you win?

How does 3 months of unlimited training access to any DPM small group session at either of our Lilyfield or Observatory Hill locations sound?

PLUS I’ll throw in access to the DPM 6 Week Re-Set Program which is sent to your inbox each day with a simple, and small mission to cross off.

Why each day?

Cause it breaks down everything you have to do to see some progress with your fitness and training into small steps so it doesn’t seem as overwhelming.

I’ll even throw in a copy of my Short ‘N Sweet book.

If you have one already, give it to a friend who may benefit from it.

All of that is valued at $864.

And YES, you can enter if you’re already a DPM client.

This is open to current clients and non clients alike.

I won’t be discriminating.

If a current client happens to win, I’ll just suspend your payments for 3 months.

Why am I doing this?

Well, hopefully it creates a bit of interest and spreads a bit of the DPM word to be honest.

But also just for the doing something for someone else factor.

Charity stats at home as they say, so I’m starting right here.

With a bit of doing something for someone else.
So how do you win?

Well, like I said, I want to have a bit of fun with it,

so I want to hear a story that may make you cringe in hindsight but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

I’m looking for Sydney’s worst dieting story.

I want to hear your biggest dieting failure. What happened and what you ended up learning from it.

Simple as that.

We’ve all got one.
Want in?

Just fill in the form below and tell me yours now

Fill out my online form.

Don’t be shy.

This is open as of now and closes on Friday March 8 when I’ll draw it live on the DPM facebook page via a facebook live broadcast.

I’ll print off all the entries, throw them in a bowl or hat or whatever and pick a winner.

It will be done via facebook live so you can see that it wasn’t rigged to prove

I’m not playing favourites with anybody.

So are you in? Go here now and enter.


PS – if you can’t make our sessions in person, I’ll make it 3 months access to the DPM Online Coaching program instead, Fair enough?