The old saying common sense isn’t always that common is an unfortunate one.

But one that rings pretty true I’m sure you’ll agree.

Unlike usual when I start something off with a take on common sense, 

I’m not going to give something a serve today.

More so I just want to reinforce something to you that you may need to hear right now:

Remember that when you are on a weight loss phase, or starting a training regime, limiting your alcohol intake or even just changing the way you eat,that you don’t have to remain 100% compliant all the time.

In fact, you’ll get better results if you don’t and if you employ the ‘cheat meals’ tactic each week.

Like I said, that’s common sense and you may well be sitting at your desk muttering ‘no-sh!t’ under your breath.

But for the one person who might be beating yourself up right about now over this exact thing, remember that point.

Enjoy your cheat meals.

Never feel guilty about them.

The DPM food plan encourages you to utilise them – and not just one a week.

After all, I know as a parent, that a large glass of red is sometimes the only thing that gets you through the day…

And if you have a rough week where the usual quota goes out the window?

Sh!t happens as they say in the classics.

It is what it is.
Move on and refocus again.

Have a good day.


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