You might call this one common sense, but it doesn’t hurt to reinforce what I’m going to share today.

Especially when it’s backed up by official reports.

The CDC in America (Centres for Disease Control) happen to list that avoiding a sedentary lifestyle as one of the 4 pillars to avoidable chronic disease.

If you’re interested in the others, they are poor diet, smoking and other nicotine products and alcohol abuse.

So if you’re doing your best to avoid those, you’re doing your best to minimise chronic disease.

Like I said, not exactly ground breaking news, but it doesn’t hurt to reinforce it again and again.

Now, as I much as I love to sit down on the lounge with the remote control, I know I can’t do it all the time and it all has to be balanced.

The CDC also lists that even walking for only 20 minutes can have benefits to your body.

And that just shows like I always say that you don’t need to commit hours to the cause.

Cause every little bit adds up.

And something is always better than nothing.

Now granted, if you’re reading this, chances are that you’re already active and that is awesome.

But if somehow life has gotten in the way and you have found yourself in a bit of a rut, or needing something new or different to step things up a bit and give you a bit more of a focus to help get back in line with those categories mentioned above, then I’d love to help you out.

As per my email last week, I’ve had to delay our return due to my daughter being a close contact at childcare.

So we’re back with face to face action this Saturday, instead of tomorrow like it should’ve been, so if you’ve put off something over the last few months because you’re not a fan of zoom workouts or whatever, then now’s your chance.

Hit reply and let me know what you’re looking to get out of some action and we can see what we can get happening for you and your current situation.

There’s always plenty of options.

Even if that’s just pointing you in the right direction with some friendly advice, then I’m happy to help with that.


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