I know how you feel right now.

Just hanging in to the end of the year.

Desperate for a break.

Yep me too.

Those 4:20am alarms take their toll even if I can finish early, it’s still a long day.

And even longer if for some godforsaken reason your brain wakes you up even earlier than that and you lay tossing and turning for the next hour before you give up and get a coffee.

Oh, that’s just me?

Anyways, this time of year I guess everyone is fried.

So you’re not alone.

The other thing that is a given at this time of year for some people is they get too hard on themselves and get down.

When the real reason of Christmas is to enjoy the kids and the magic that they believe in.

But if you are feeling down,

chances are it’s cause we’re comparing ourselves to everyone elses highlight reel on facebook and Instagram.

You know the perfect Christmas tree, fresh and lush like one that Chevy Chase from Christmas Vacation would be proud of.

Or the friend boasting how they finished their Christmas shopping in November while you’re fighting everyone in Sydney for that last parking spot at Westfields just to get it done at the last minute.

But here’s something that I want you to remember if you’re being particularly harsh on yourself this year.

You know the person that seemingly has it all perfect?

I mean from the outside looking in it all looks pretty much roses and rainbows and unicorns.

You know who I mean right?

We always tend to look at someone else and think their life must be perfect.

It’s all a crock.

Everyone struggles.

Some way or another.

Some just wear a pretty damn good mask.

And only post the highlight reel.

Guess what?

It’s okay not to be okay sometimes.

It’s called life.

Learn to be OK with being “not OK”.

Take small steps towards slightly more OK.

That’s all we gotta worry about.

Not about everyone else’s ‘perfect life’

Especially if Christmas is a stressful time for you.

Making an effort or making the time doesn’t have to be perfect.

These lines sums it up

* What if you shifted your thought to “good enough”, “a little bit better”, or “trying”?

* What if you looked for small moments of health, fitness, and wellness everywhere?

* What if you focused on doing what you could, today, anyway?

Hang in there


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