Have I got your attention now?

Anyways, its not some clickbait style headline,

but an article that came across my attention last week that you may be interested in.

It mentioned 12 simple things that can help you live longer.

And those 3 were part of it.

Of course the article also mentioned exercising at a high intensity.

Brigham Young researchers this time found that the intensity of exercise does matter and the more intense the better.

Now, keep in mind this doesn’t mean that everyone gets flogged at our sessions.

The intensity you work out at might be less, or more than, the person next to you.

But it’s all relative isn’t it?

Another thing mentioned was resistance training – especially as you get older.

And none of us are getting any younger are we?

The coffee side of things?

Harvard researchers reckon up to 5 a day can benefit you.

Personally, I think it’s a bit excessive but I can’t get through a day without one or two long blacks that’s for sure.

Racquet sports got a mention, cause it’s all about being more active isn’t it?

But you can choose something that works for you I’d recommend.

And the sex part of it?

regular activity according to researchers from Michigan State University,

decreases a womans risk of cardiovascular issues as she gets older.

Well there you go.

Need I say any more.

I’ll leave you to it…


PS = while I can’t necessarily help you out with that last one,

I can definitely help you out with the resistance and exercise intensity part of the equation.

Now the weather is awesome and the days are getting lighter and longer, 

I’d have you consider it’s the perfect time to get a new routine started.

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