Think about this for a minute…

We’re already 4 days into October.

Yep, October.

Kinda funny really how we always revert back to the ‘the older you get the quicker the time goes thing’.

Seems like only a month or two ago we started this year.


Where has the year gone and all those other cliches?

But you know what October also represents?

Apart from an NRL Grand Final and the start of the basketball season?

Although, side note I was very happy for the Sharkies to get up on the weekend.

The real thing that October brings is the last quarter of the year.

And cause I love my sport the last quarter reference is pretty spot on with this too.

You see, in the last quarter you can tell who is prepared and who has done the work.

Just like the Sharkies the other night who came from behind with less than 10 minutes on the clock and held out those Mexicans that no one wanted to see win.

In basketball it’s when a team is going to win or lose the game.

The best prepared always rise to the top.

And the clutch players step up when needed.

So how’s your clutch game?

Are you ready to step up this last quarter?

I’m not asking you to run into Paul Gallen or guard Lebron,

but I’m asking you to think back to what you promised yourself you said you’d do way back on January 1.

Or the night before when you were watching the 9pm fireworks.

Cause if you’re anything like me you don’t bother waiting until midnight these days!

It’s not worth it when you’ve got a toddler tearing around the next day to look after.

But if you promised yourself that this year was going to be the year that you were going to change how’s that looking for you now?

Are you on track?

Are you at least 3/4 of the way there?

Good news is it’s all not lost if you’re not.

Or even if you haven’t exactly got off to the year that you envisaged for yourself.

Cause you now have a chance to do more in this final quarter than you have all year.

Just like Lebron in the NBA finals.

You can take it home strong.

Come through in the clutch like you promised you would.

It’s time.

And to borrow a line from the Sharkies “Why not us?”

Yep, why not you?

Need help getting off on the right foot and getting your last quarter set?

You know what to do.

Hit reply and lets see what we can get happening.

I’ve got a couple of spots free in both my Lilyfield and Observatory Hill sessions that you might be interested in…





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