Of course they come up with this nonsense. 

I’m talking about nutritionists of course.

(not my favourite people in the world – although granted some are a hell of a lot better than the usual stereotype)

But here’s one with another burst of inspiration that the media eats up cause it comes from the mouth of ‘the chosen ones’.

The topic – “healthy foods a nutritionist would never eat”

The list – and my comment after the dash:

* Rice Malt syrup – not fantastic but definitely not on the avoid list

* Coconut water: apparently too much sugar – ok then so every other bit of processed sugar you recommend day to day is ok now? This is the enemy? Clowns.

* Almond Milk – true it is low in actual almond content and has other stuff in the ingredients but I’d still back it over dairy any days. Just see how your skin goes a month without your daily flat white…

* Instant noodles-  no brainer there

* breakfast biscuits – hang on they were recommending these a few years ago?! But true they suck.

* Diet soft drink – once again no brainer, despite what the macros people will have you believe

* Bliss balls – yes some are crap but they are still painting fat as a bad thing cause they’ve got coconuts, nut spread etc in them. Seriously maybe in the early 2000s you could get away with this nonsense but now with all the evidence around how fat is not the enemy? C’mon stop taking the piss.

True this is right for some of the points but coconut water as bad as instant noodles?


But the real thing I can’t understand is how nutritionists and dietitians as a whole have such creditability. 

Especially when you realise they gladly accept funding from organisations like Nestle 

(They even mention as much on their governing bodies websites)

Yes, the same companies that sell the highly processed and packaged crap that is making us fat. 

Conflict of interest much?

But no, coconut water is the enemy cause it’s high in sugar. 

Am I the only one that thinks it doesn’t make sense?

And that my friends is why you’ll never see me get those qualifications. 

I refuse to be told the official company line to follow. 

Guess that’s why I ended up starting my own business over 11 years ago. 

That’s why I can actually dig deeper when something doesn’t seem right and so my own research. 

And actually put that research into practice and get real results from. 

Like plenty of busy DPMers have been getting for years now

– ever since I switched my nutritional philosophy funnily enough…

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PS – if you happen to disagree with all of this, or it offends you – that’s cool you can find the unsubscribe button at the bottom of this email. No hard feelings – everyones entitled to an opinion. I just rather do my own homework rather than follow the standard company line from most nutritionists


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