As if we haven’t had enough bad news over the last few months, this one, while not exactly a tragedy, isn’t exactly great news to hear.

There was a news report last week that mentioned that some of our favourite things – like coffee, meat and spices could become more expensive due to climate change.

Whether it actually happens, or is just a bit of clickbait I don’t know. Time will tell.

But it makes sense.

If there are more temperature extremes and disasters and what have you, it makes sense that crops of all types could potentially be affected.

That sucks.

Now while I don’t expect coffee to be a luxury like the headline suggests, I won’t be surprised to see prices rise.

The reason for that could be up for argument though.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see prices rise slightly cause the hospitality industry has been smashed during covid last year and this year.

Or maybe it’s like the girl in the taco ad when she suggested “Why not both?”

It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

And on the meat side of things, I won’t be embracing the insects trend that has started in some areas.

Maybe I’m not adventurous with my food, but hey, I’m not going to start eating something you’d previously classify as a pest.

Think I’ll just add more non meat food options that don’t involve insects.

Whatever does happen, if it makes us more conscious about what we’re eating, and where it’s coming from, then maybe that’s not a bad idea in the long run?



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