Don’t know how you feel about intermittent fasting, but I think that it’s a process that can be very useful.

If you’re not familiar with it, basically you don’t eat the traditional 3 main meals and 3 snacks a day.

You normally go without food for a certain time frame – depending on what protocol you’re following.

One of the most popular is a 16 hour fasting period with an 8 hour food window in a day.

That can sound like a lot but when you’re asleep for almost half that it makes it sound a lot more reasonable.

Anyways, the research that came out the other week didn’t speak too highly of it when it came to a weight loss perspective.

It’s always been thought that a fasting approach was good for weight loss as it meant that in a nutshell, you’re eating less food in a 24 hour period so that finding was a bit surprising. 

This article cleared the air a bit cause it pointed out that while the study was aimed at finding out what was better for weight loss – an intermittent fasting approach vs a normal approach, 

the one thing they didn’t control in both groups is what people actually ate.

That just seems like a massive oversight don’t you think?

You want people to lose weight but don’t give them guidelines for what to eat?

Insert facepalm emoji right?

So even if your food window is restricted, of course you’re not going to lose weight if you’re eating rubbish during that period.

That just seems like common sense – and something that should have been picked up by the researchers if they were fair dinkum about getting a proper result.

Have the two study groups but have them both on an approved weight loss diet – be that something a carb cycling approach that I recommend here, or a macro focus, or keto or whatever.

Just pick something then come back with some findings.

It just goes to show as I’ve always said, you can prove anything you want in research if you manipulate enough criteria so it gives you the answers you want.

And it appears that study may have done a bit of that.

So if you’re a fan of the fasting lifestyle, like I am, especially if you’re looking for weight loss, then keep going business as usual.
enjoy your weekend.


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