Had an interesting discussion yesterday during one of our sessions.

You see, we talk about the real stuff at a DPM workout.

Solving the problems of the world and all.

And it was decided that there should be a Human 101 course.

How not to be an arsehole.

In the school of life this is how it would run, you’d learn:

* How to give a courtesy wave when someone lets you in when in traffic

* To say thank you when someone does something for you

* To even say please when you’re ordering your coffee

* To get off your bloody iPhone when you’re walking down the street and watch where you going so you don’t bump into everyone

* And to say sorry if you do bump into said person

Basically just stuff that should be common sense,

but quite often doesn’t get much of a run these days.

There’s a bunch of other stuff that will be covered in Human 101.

And you’ll soon find it at an institution of high regard near you…

By the way, did I miss anything obvious that you’d add?

But above all you know what helps lift your mood?


I know when I workout I’m less pissed off when driving home.

I may even be better company to be around too.

Even though I do the exercise now not cause I love it like I used to,

more so I hate the idea of getting fatter more.

And if it makes you a better human for doing it,

possibly even more likely to not need the services of this soon to be released Human 101 class than why not do something for you?

And if you do need some help getting things started though?

I may be able to help.

I’ve got some personal training positions available that may be exactly what you’re looking for.

And I’ve even organised to give you more options to fit your busy schedule:

* Tuesday 11:30am

* Tuesday and Thursday 12:15pm

* Wednesday and Friday 11:30 

All sessions are 30 mins duration and you’ll get more done than most people get done in an hour. 

Hit reply if you’ve got any questions or if you’re interested, 

How bout it?




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