Hands up if you’re chucking a sickie today being Monday and all?

The beauty of working with the DPMers that I have on board makes it easier to get out of bed at stupid o’clock each morning so I don’t feel the need to have the fake sickie these days.

But I used to. Don’t get me wrong.

I remember back in the day chucking a sickie cause I wanted to go to the cricket to watch Steve Waugh’s last day. 

A cameraman came around to us in the crowd and wanted to feature us. 

I said ‘nah I’m supposed to be sick’. His response was you’d be surprised how many times he’d got that comment. 

Not surprising considering it was like a Tuesday or something.

Anyways, enough of my ramblings and telling old stories from long ago.

The reason for this message is two fold today.

1) I read on LinkedIn last week that too many workers are using ‘sick notes’ from a chemist to give themselves a day off,

and how as a result, one small business owner admitted to only hiring casual workers cause they don’t get paid if they don’t work – so thought that was an interesting news story.

(speaking of LinkedIn, send me a connect request if we’re not already following each other cause I’ve started putting out more content on there each day) 

2) and more importantly, to ask you an important question re sickies.
With the upcoming Easter period where we have the Easter long weekend and Anzac Day a few days later, 

I want to ask you whether you’ll be around for those 3 days – Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday of that week?

Or maybe you’re making the most of the take 3 days, get 10 days off approach that a lot of people are doing.

Monday is Easter Monday and Thursday is Anzac Day so there’ll be no sessions on those days.

I’m happy to run sessions on those 3 days IF there’s enough interest.

Obviously I don’t want to rock up to no-one there.

So if you can please let me know whether you’ll be around or not ASAP.

Main reason being if you’re not around,

I’ll spend the day with Emily instead of sending her to holiday care now I have to work around school holidays these days.

But like I said, if everyone will still be around as normal, or still attending training even if you’re not working, then I’m good – let’s roll.

Thanks for your reply.



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