Just a quick heads up, and early advanced notice, on the Christmas Holiday hours for DPM.

The last session will be Saturday 22 December.

Then we can both put the feet up for 2 weeks and enjoy the weather and Christmas season with the family.

I’ll be back on deck Monday January 7 for the early morning Lilyfield group (that is of course if there will be people around then).

So if you won’t be back in town by then, please let me know so I’m not sitting there twiddling my fingers by myself.

And of course if you need anything to keep you on track during this 2 week period,

you don’t need to go any further than with a copy of my Short ‘N Sweet Book.

For only $20 (including free postage Australia wide) you’ll be covered by six home workouts that are guaranteed to take 20 minutes or less – and get your heart rate up.

You can grab yours here


PS – Friday is also the last day to take advantage of the $199 All-In package launch discount where you get access to the 6 week Re-Set online program plus more importantly having me doing the workouts with you in real-time via the Trainerize app and videos that you can download, head here now and save yourself $48