It’s the season of giving and all that stuff.

So in the spirit of that there’s something that is totally off topic that you need to be aware about.

It’s a movement that I’ve been aware of for a while cause it was started by a friend of Bron’s that she used to work with.

But it’s something everyone needs to know about, and while it’s starting to get more widespread coverage in the media etc these days I figure you may not have heard of it.

The Kindness Factory.

It was started by Bron’s friend Kath who’s had a pretty tough run over the last few years.

Breaking her back twice.

Having her cricket career taken away from her and coming within an hour of losing her leg.

Losing her partner.

I can’t really do her story justice.

But enough to make you wanna go and tell the world to get farked.

However, she took the opposite look to most of us and started this Kindness Factory thing.

Basically where you go online to her site and log your act of kindness for someone.

It doesn’t have to be something huge, it might be something small like we did the other week.

We took Emily to Kmart, bought a present for a girl her age (she chose) and we put it under their wishing tree.

You get the drift right?

So it’s doing something for someone who will never be able to pay you back kind of thing.

The cool thing is there’s nothing to buy or whatever.

It’s a genuine good will site.

Sound like something you’d be interested in?

You can see her interview on last weeks Morning Show program to find out more about Kath and her story here



PS – The website for The Kindness Factory is

Seriously go and check them out and log your act of doing something good for someone else and help Kath reach her goal of one million acts of kindness by 2020.


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