As you may recall from some of my other messages, I’ve got a couple of podcasts that I host, Small Business Dads and the fitness based Top Of The Hill.

Well, this time around the tables were turned and I was interviewed.

It was weird being asked the questions for a change as it’s been literally 10 plus years since I used to do skype calls with other fitness pros around the world in the days before podcasts became a thing.

Think I’d much rather be on the other side of the mic asking the questions, but if you’re interested then you can find the Business Behind Your Business podcast here.

It was interesting to think a bit deeper about my business, and also go into being a dad and combining the two.

Also, if you are in business, or know someone who is, you may get something out of this podcast which delves a bit deeper into the backend side of things, and ways to make you more efficient and effective with what you do.

Paul Sweeney was on mine a few months ago and it was nice to return the favour. 

So if you’ve got 30 mins (or less if you double speed it – which might be advisable to get past me fumbling over some words here and there) check it out and let me know what you think.


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