For those who are so inclined, episode 8 of Top Of The Hill podcast is live on iTunes and your other favourite podcast apps.

If you haven’t listened in yet, give it a go, episodes keep my short n sweet mantra going – this week is only 11 mins long. And if you listen on double speed like I listen to my podcasts at, it doesn’t take much time at all.

This weeks episode delved a little further into something I mentioned last week – the reason why you started working out and the reason why you do it.

I shared my reason for working out too – cause i don’t want to end up dead before my time.

That’s the main reason.

Which is appropriate this week considering Monday was the 14 anniversary since my Dad died.

The pain isn’t there like it used to be, where I used to dread the day – but it would’ve been cool for my girls and Bronwyn to meet him.

But as they say, things happen for a reason and I probably wouldn’t be sitting her writing this now if that didn’t happen.

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