No, I’m not talking about the South African cricket captain who was busted on camera for ball tampering.

For what it’s worth, if the ICC is going to investigate that incident,

they should also be investigating the Aussies incompetent batting displays in the last 4 innings.

Surely they’re not on the take?

Anyways, today I want to talk about cheating.

Not on your partner.

The cheating I’m talking about is the good kind.

In fact the great kind.

It’s where you get to have whatever your heart desires – guilt free.

See, like you no doubt, I have a lot of guilty pleasures.

Tonight will be one of them when I enjoy a few wines.

And I’m pretty safe to say you might be doing something similar this weekend.

Here’s the thing.

You shouldn’t have to tuck yourself away in a dark corner to enjoy your guilty pleasure.

To be honest, when someone joins DPM off the bat they are often surprised when I tell them this.

I guess they expect to be berated if they have this type of stuff.

Or maybe they expect to have to get by on rabbit food and protein shakes.

Luckily, you get some pretty sweet recipes in the Quick, Healthy Meals cookbook (my fave at the moment are the protein pancakes that are my Sunday morning ritual).

I like to call eating your favourite foods a cheat because it feels like you’re doing something naughty.

Because it means you can live a little.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to live like a nun in order to experience a pretty cool transformation.

In fact if you do eat 100% clean for weeks and weeks on end you’re pretty much setting yourself up for failure.


Because chances are you’ll come home after a crap day at work, where you feel like the world hates you and end up going to town on something.

Probably a lot of something.

Which means the next day you’re down on yourself because you feel like you ‘failed’ and often go further down into the spiral.

When one of your cheat meals is planned the cards fall differently.

You know all week you’ve got this to look forward to.

It helps keeps you on track.

You know you can have your cheat meals guilt free.

In fact, when you do cheat the way your body responds to the boost of carbs and everything else in it can help to promote your body to lose even more weight.

That’s a simple way of explaining something pretty technical.

But I’m just a simple kid from the ‘riff and like simple terms.

Anyway, take home point is to enjoy your ‘guilty’ pleasures.

Keep a limit on them and you can still get some pretty awesome results like the action takers in Team DPM are getting right now.

And you can even have a few of em on our plan…

The good news is getting back in your skinny jeans and feeling more toned, confident and sexy isn’t rocket science when you follow the right game plan!


PS – if you need a personal training kick start I have one more spot left to give you a quick 5 week blast before the year finishes. Let me know if you’re interested in more info


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