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  • How to tone and how to lose your flabby 'mummy tummy' so you can wear that tight fitting top instead of the usual 'mum uniform' of baggy t-shirt and jeans, all without spending hours in a sweaty gym or giving up those cheeky glasses of wine (Say goodbye to that bloated feeling forever!)
  • How to have your skin looking clearer and fresher than it ever has before so that your friends beg you for your 'anti-aging' secret and even accuse you of having work done!
  • How to burn more body fat by doing LESS exercise (and without doing cardio) so that you can lose that tummy, tone those thighs and not have to compromise your family time (so that even your hubby will look at you like he did when you first dated!)
  • How your favourite 'naughty' foods can actually help you finally break through that weight plateau you're currently stuck at even if you've struggled to lose weight since you had your baby

Some Great Feedback From Happy Mums On Their Own DPM Transformation Experience

“Going into this, I’ve tried every program there is to try and I was a little bit doubtful that I’d stick to this one.. but It’s something that’s easy to stick to”

“I was constantly feeling bloated and lethargic and now, honestly, I haven’t felt that feeling for ages”

“My cravings disappeared which was fantastic because that made it much easier to stay on the program”

“It’s good to see the change in my clothes. Clothes fit better, they’re looser. I need to go buy more clothes now which is very exciting to do!”

“It made me feel good. I didn’t feel bloated at all, even just after the first week it was amazing. Now I feel really good, I’m not as bloated. My tummy’s a little bit flatter and I’ve got heaps more energy. I’m getting out of bed. I’m playing with the kids more which is the best thing”

“When I first heard about it I was a little bit sceptical, but 4 weeks later I’m a changed person. Even a few days into it I thought ‘wow why didn’t I know about this program sooner".

See What These Happy Mums Have To Say About Their Own DPM Transformation "Insider" Experience

So Who Is Daniel Munday & Why Should You Trust Him?

I have been helping busy women, and mums just like you, lose their flabby tummy, feel more energised and fit back into that favourite pair of 'skinny jeans' you haven't worn in years since 2005.

My passion is helping time pressed mums, just like you, find their long lost energy, motivation and feel like their old self without having to devote hours and hours each week slaving away with a vomit inducing workout or meal plan that makes you count every single calorie that you eat. I'm also a busy self employed Dad myself, to my princess Emily, so I know exactly how time poor you are!

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