Kinda interesting how much things change over time.

Remember back in the mid 90’s when there was a bunch of hype about whether we’d end up getting the Olympics?

I even remember setting an alarm and waking up in the middle of the night to watch it live, being the sports mad kid that I was.

Fast forward to now, and there was a little bit of a thing in the news last week how Brisbane are the preferred city to get the Olympics in 2032 and not much excitement or hypey build up.

Has the Olympics lost its appeal?

It costs an absolute bomb to host and build facilities.

Maybe with Brisbane and the surrounding Gold Coast etc, they wouldn’t need new facilities after having the Commonwealth Games and already having heaps of hotels and stuff so that might be a cost saver,
but it doesn’t feel like cities are fighting for the right now compared to back in the day.

Was it all the drugs scandals that caused people to lose interest?

Remember when they said Sydney was the cleanest games ever, only to find years later that half of the athletes were on the ‘clear’ – the stuff Marion Jones got done for.

Who knows.

Maybe it’s just run its race.

I’d still be interested if it came, it’d be a great chance to show the kids what we got to experience back in Sydney.

Anyways, all of this reminds me that things change with most things over time.

Same goes for exercise.

There was a time when the respected way to lose weight was the old work your heart rate at 65-75% of your maximum heart rate cause it was your so-called ‘fat burning zone’.

It was almost like when your heart rate got higher your body went “Nope, not burning anymore fat now. You’re on your own mate”.

Now it’s commonly known that the best way of course is the higher intensity exercise – the exact opposite of what they first thought when I started back 21 years ago.

Same goes for the old school of thought that you need hours each week to exercise if you want to see any decent results.


You just need to do the right thing.

Things change over time.

The important thing to remember is to adapt to those changes.

Especially when it comes to your fitness and training.



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