Today I’m going to give you a little insight into the age old cellulite problem, and share some ‘Hollywood secrets’ from some big time movie stars.

Yes, they even struggle too.

Not that you’d know with all the photoshopping that goes on with magazines these days.

And the crazy thing with these little insider tips is they’re actually practical,

and not pie in the sky stuff that only works if you have a live in nanny looking after your kids 24-7 while you go off and attend a backslapping award ceremony.

So what’s Kate Winslet’s tip? She removes wheat and alcohol whenever she needs to show a bit more skin for a movie.

And Gwenyth Paltrow? She eats as much organic foods as she can and also cuts out junk food.

Now Demi Moore? She says she eats 75% raw food and 25% cooked.

I don’t know about you, but that’s some pretty rational thinking on food and ways to combat the same problem that you may face wouldn’t you think?

Especially from an industry that isn’t exactly known for rational thinking.

As you can no doubt see, the diet plays a huge role in the build up of cellulite.

Have you ever noticed how supposedly skinny girls can have cellulite too?

And you may well wonder how on earth that happens?

Well I’d lay money that they eat processed foods way more than they should.

And I’d also almost guarantee you that they love diet coke or whatever diet soft drink you want to mention (because it only has one calorie).

But that stuff isn’t great if you want to get rid of cellulite right?

I’ll give you another little insider secret before I leave for today.

This one isn’t out of Hollywood, but straight from the DPM Personal Training playbook.

Use a foam roller on your problem areas.

Cause there’s research that proves that regular massage can help with cellulite problems.

And if getting to a massage therapist isn’t always possible, both time wise and financially,

I recommend getting out your trusty foam roller and giving it 5-10 minutes on that each day after the kids are in bed.

anything else you’d add?


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