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Weight Neutral Strategy

Got another interesting research finding to share today.And this one might be of interest to someone who may be, to use a politically incorrect term these days, obese or overweight. It's
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The Rediscover

The old saying goes 'desperate times call for desperate measures' and I can assure you right now that is true. As you read this, we're currently on day 8 of our
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Clickbait Or Real?

As if we haven't had enough bad news over the last few months, this one, while not exactly a tragedy, isn't exactly great news to hear. There was a news report last week
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Common Sense, But…

You might call this one common sense, but it doesn't hurt to reinforce what I'm going to share today. Especially when it's backed up by official reports. The CDC in America (Centres
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The Oasis Line

With lockdown ending for most on Monday, I thought it was a good time to do a bit of a look back on the last few months. To steal a line
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How Are You Sleeping?

How have your sleep habits been of late? Are you making the most of the lockdown and getting a little bit extra in seeing as you don't have to commute? Or maybe
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Kick In The Guts

If there was ever a dud time to be diagnosed as a close contact of a case it's now, with lockdown ending on Monday. But lucky old us have been kicked
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I won't call it Freedom Day cause we're still under a bunch of things that we can't do, but I think the term jailbreak pretty much sums up the day
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Check Out This Episode

As you may recall from some of my other messages, I've got a couple of podcasts that I host, Small Business Dads and the fitness based Top Of The Hill. Well, this time around
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