One For The Good Guys

Something a little different to start your week off. There was a UK Healthy Lifestyle Cities Report that came out recently and Sydney came in at number 2 in the findings. Amsterdam was number
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5 Star Madness

Sometimes I really do wonder what some people would do if breathing wasn't an involuntary bodily function. I truly think they might struggle. Take this new push that's been featured in the
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Not A Surprise

Something interesting happened the other day and there's a reason why I want to share it with you - cause you might be able to get something out of it. It's interesting,
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Got Perks?

What's the deal with your work situation this year? Have things gone back to sorta normal - I mean with you going to the office more frequently than last year? Or has
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One For The Over 40’s

Well, strike one up for the old blokes. With Tom Brady winning his 7th Super Bowl yesterday, which in itself is pretty amazing, out of 10 attempts he's definitely putting it
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Speed Bump

What I'm going to write about today is the kinda the opposite of what I've been mentioning lately. I've spoken about how some find it hard to get started in January
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We’re On Again!

Thanks to the interest in getting another DPM 6 Week Challenge up and running, I'm happy to say we're a goer. The next edition will be starting this Monday- February 8. So if you
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Putting The Breaks On

DPMers would know that I don't like to overcrowd things at our outdoor exercise sessions. There's a couple of reasons for that: 1 - we're not a bootcamp that has dozens of
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