Better late than never but I finally did something that I should’ve done years ago.

On Sunday I started an Instagram account for DPM.

Come give us a follow

To be honest, my personal one that I started 7 years ago started as a DPM one then when Emily came along I locked it so it only had friends on there.

And now it’s just kid, wine and whisky spam.

But instead of doing the obvious, I stuck my head in the sand thinking I don’t need one.

Until I finally decided it’s time to move with the times….


Cause I like Insta.

And besides, facebooks going to be dying a slow death in my view.

People aren’t using it as much anymore.

And if I give someone another avenue to find out what I do at DPM, then it can only be a good thing if people find it beneficial.

I also had an old mate of mine mention to me at a Christmas catch up last year that I should start doing the old youtube vids again like in the good ole days.

Initially I brushed him off but I started thinking this year I need to start putting more free content out there for you to enjoy.

So I’ve started back with that too.

There alone is a good lesson or two.

Give people what they want.

And you have to move with the times when it comes to your training too.

Some of the stuff we did at DPM years ago I don’t do now.

Sit ups/crunches.


Bear crawls (before they were cool and done by everybody and their dog).

There’s probably been a few other things that have gone by the wayside too.


Cause I adapted for our situation.

Back when I started in 2005 all my clients were within a few years of me either way (late 20’s).

Those who are still with me from those early days are now in their 40’s and 50’s,

So we have to adapt what we do cause none of us are as young as we once were.

My body tells me that everyday.

Yours may too.

So we change and adapt.

And if we keep doing stuff that might have been cool when you’re in your 20’s when you have another decade plus of wear and tear on your body, well I’m sure you’ll agree that’s just not smart.

So what will you find on that Insta account?

Similar stuff to what I share here each day.

But obviously in visual form.

So come check me out on there.

And if you like what you see, please subscribe/follow and share/repost with your friends so they can benefit too.


PS – that early morning personal training slot is still available for Wednesday and Friday morning if you’re interested – 7/7:15 start time.

Comment below and we can have a chat if you’re interested in finding out more.


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