Rather than bore you with some drivel on the US election and it being dumb and dumber or whatever I came across something yesterday that makes sense.

And is a pretty good way to look at the healthy eating campaign that you may be thinking of embarking on.

Or currently struggling to stick with if you’re already on board the DPM train.

And the bloke it came from was the bloke from the first season of The Batchelor.

Our version.

You know that Tim guy?

To be honest I watched the first couple of seasons of this show.

True car crash tv.

Nothing like a bunch of bitchy girls fighting over some bloke right?


At least this Tim guy was better than that Blake tool who hooked up with his 3rd choice on the show after dumping the winner.

Cause that made sense.

But I’m probably revealing too much info about how much reality shows like this I watch.

Anyways this Tim guy came across as likeable don’t you think?

He also seems to have his head screwed on too according to the article I came across yesterday.

His diet philosophy is 7:2:1

– meaning 70% clean food

– 20% sensible choices for when you’re craving something.

That’d mean something like a pizza with plenty of veggies instead of a bbq meat lovers.

Or dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate.

– finally 10% of anything goes. For when you’re out and about and don’t want to make a scene.

Kinda similar to our DPM eating plan when it’s laid out like that.

You get your cheats where you eat anything your heart desires.

And drink for that matter.

No, you don’t have to give up the wines.

The best thing is to find something that works for you.

And most who follow my game plan realise how simple it really is.

Not to mention how effective.

Don’t forget, If you are keen to find out what this game plan entails exactly,

you’ll need to join our early morning small group sessions.

They’re at either Lilyfield or Observatory Hill in the City,

there’s still time to get on deck before I shut the doors for the year.

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