If you’re struggling for a bit of motivation on this hump day Wednesday, these words might be exactly what you need to hear right now.

I read this recently, and it makes sense to me.

You might not agree, but here me out:

“Deep down, people want to improve, they want accountability, and they want to be held to a high standard. They also want to know you are on their side” – Robert Glazer

So what do you think?

Is it true?

This was meant for an office setting, but I see no difference to someone and their approach to exercise.

In fact, I like to think it sums up what I try to do each day.

I want to help people who turn up to my sessions get the most out of their time there.
It’s not easy to get out of bed every single time you’re supposed to be there.

You may not experience success 100% of the time, but if you’re ahead more times than you hit snooze, then you’re going to make progress.

And you will improve – and reach your training goals.

So I’m here to help keep you accountable – and if you need a bit more help with that at the moment, please let me know.



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